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Mechanical Ventilation

  • Are You a Victim of Poor Air Quality and Ventilation Issues? Let us Help You.
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Did You Know?
  • Enforced by the Government on January 1, 2017 under the Ontario Building Code (OBC) SB-12; all new homes must have a mechanical ventilation system installed.
  • Vapour barriers stop the flow of moist air through walls. This of course leads to a buildup of moisture in homes and condensation on the windows was common.
  • Our ventilation system prevents indoor moisture issues such as rot and mold between walls and the window sash. $2000 per window is the cost to replace once damaged due to uncontrolled moisture issues.
  • Improving air quality will help benefit illnesses caused by indoor contaminants such as: allergies, asthma or respiratory problems.

  • With our ventilation system, you can regain 50% to 95% of the heat in the air.
  • According to EPA, indoor air is two to five times more polluted than outdoor air-even in big cities like Toronto.
  • Reduces heating costs by not heating excess water vapour which will leak from your home.
  • Prevents early seal failure.
  • In winter, the ventilation system transfers the humidity from the air being extracted to the incoming fresh (and dry) air to help keep the humidity level at a reasonable value leaving less work for your furnace.
  • Vice versa in summer the humidity of the outside air is removed before it comes into the home which reduces the load on your air conditioner therefore saving you on cost all year round.


  • Fresh air into your house while removing stale, polluted air.
  • Filtration of incoming air so you get the freshness but leave pollen and pollutants outside where they belong.
  • Almost total recovery of heat from the outgoing air.
  • Also provide a better moisture balance that helps keep mold in check.
  • Basically, a mechanical ventilation system gives you the effect of an open window without opening one.
  • **While mandatory in new built homes, it is also recommended especially if the insulation and window quality has been improved.
  • In short, if you can’t feel a draft, it’s very likely a mechanical ventilation system will make a dramatic improvement in the quality of the air you’re breathing in every day.

Extra Benefits:

There are lots of other benefits of a mechanical ventilation system, aside from better air quality:

  • Extra security (windows are kept closed).
  • Less outside noise in your home than if windows are open.
  • No headaches of opening and closing windows daily.
  • Better quality sleep.

Our Testimonials

We built our house in 2016. When it came to looking for a mechanical ventilation system for heat recovery, we came highly recommended from a number of friends about the one with Thermonic Energy. We have noticed a more comfortable environment in our home.

~ Mrs. He

I’m very happy with my Hepa Filtration, dehumidifier & mechanical ventilation system. It is working very well and was installed a year ago by an expert from Thermonic Energy. I also learned a lot about moisture/humidity and condensed water in my house from him and he did a very good job. Since, we moved into this place and got this system installed, I haven’t seen a bead of condensation inside the house. I highly-recommend this to everyone and very thankful to Thermonic Energy for it.

~ Mr. Santos

I decided to install a Hepa filtration system by a specialist from Thermonic Energy since we smoke in the house. We have noticed it captured the small that our visitors use to complain about and made me breathe fresher air. Now, I can light up a cigarette indoors and easily get the odor under control. Thank you for this.

~ Mr. Slam

The Hepa Filter unit from Thermonic Energy can definitely help you breathe cleaner air. It helped us.

~ Mrs. Lancaster

I suffered from allergies so investing in the Hepa filtration systems was a no brainer. Thermonic Energy specialist recommended the system and helped in circulation and an improved quality of air. Thank you very much Thermonic.

~ Mr. Amos

The top-quality mechanical ventilation systems by Thermonic Energy helped me prevent indoor moisture problems including rot and mold between my walls and window sashes. Thank you for the education. I had no idea.

~ Mrs. Mitchell

We were troubled with the excess build up of mold and mildew at our home. Thermonic explained how a modern place demands for air circulation systems to prevent all the issues from having air tight insulation. This new mechanical ventilation system has become very beneficial. We Strongly-recommend.

~ Mrs. Wilson

Outside noise was very disturbing due to the open windows at my place to get some fresh air. Then, a specialist from Thermonic Energy not only provided me extra security with their mechanical ventilation system, but also prevented noise pollution from outside due to open windows. Thanks a lot for such a better quality sleep and no more hassles of opening and closing windows daily.

~ Mrs. Ready

With Thermonic Energy’s ventilation system, I was able to manage my air circulation better and I believe it prevented some further window damaged. Helped me reduce the heating costs, due to less leak from my home. I am very happy with this product.

~ Mr. Doherty

The Hepa and Mechanical ventilation system by Thermonic Energy removed the stale and polluted air from our house and filtered the incoming air so that we get the freshness. It provided total recovery of heat from the outgoing air. It even improved the breathing quality and this is the best unit attached in our house.

~ Mr. Webber

Thermonic Energy installed a Hepa Filtration system and made it easy for us to control the air pollution inside our house. Certainly, we felt the difference and they also educated us on the issue. Thank you.

~ Mr. Heywood

I would definitely recommend the ventilation system installed by Thermonic Energy specialist and it is certainly the money well spent. Ever since its installation, I’ve been enjoying this mechanical ventilator due to the elimination of hidden mold. Thank you very much Thermonic. Excellent products.

~ Mr. Borthwick

Once a specialist from Thermonic Energy came in when we were not able to detect the reason behind the condensation on our windows we always had in our home during winters. Thermonic Energy experts sold us an excellent dehumidifier and ventilation system to manage this trouble. I will strongly recommend them to everyone having the same issue at their home.

~ Mr. Allan

It was getting very suffocating with the indoor air, which was polluted and one of the children was having the problem of asthma. Thermonic Energy recommended complete Hepa Filtration Systems for improvising the breathing quality and even educated on this issue. Now the kids are enjoying completely in a hygienic atmosphere.

~ Mr. Boudreau

We had a lot of condensation especially on our windows. One of the experienced and skilled Thermonic Energy specialists helped us with this problem by installing a superior Dehumidifier, hepa and mechanical ventilation system. He helped us in providing an extensive control of indoor pollution and even helped to get rid of the mold smell due to accumulated moisture.

~ Mr. Coupal

After moving to our new house, we soon realized that condensation was a huge issue here. However, with ventilation system from Thermonic Energy, we are condensation free. We were told that it will take a couple of weeks to see the impact, but it was noticeable in days. Moreover, the professionals here were extremely helpful and always went an extra mile when I came to dealing with any issue.

~ Mr. Williamson

I got a dehumidifier and ventilation system from Thermonic Energy installed 18 months ago as we were suffering from very bad condensation and mold for 6 years. Since its installation, we have had not one drip of condensation. This is truly a lifesaver.

~ Mrs. Belisle

We called up Thermonic Energy to get Ventilation System installed in our house. The installation was done in a timely fashion and so far, we are quite satisfied with its working.

~ Mr. Nash

It was a great experience with Ventilation system from Thermonic Energy. The installers reached on time, the system was installed with no mess left behind, and it made an immediate difference to our house. You actually could not know if the system is running, as it is quiet.

~ Mr. O’Brien

I am very impressed with the ventilation system from Thermonic Energy. It was quite refreshing to know that it was working the same what the company has claimed.

~ Mr. Roy

When we bought our new house, we purchased ventilation system from Thermonic Energy within 3 weeks of moving in. We are completely satisfied with our purchase.

~ Mr. Harrington

We had our ventilation system and dehumidifier installed from Thermonic Energy 7 months ago. We are quite satisfied with it. In fact, we could feel the difference straight away as the house felt much dryer and warmer. There is no issue of wet windows since the day it was installed.

~ Mr. Shultz

I purchased HEPA Filter from Thermonic Energy and after its installation, I have not seen any dust or particles floating around in the rooms. Really satisfied to see that it is still working the way it claims and has contributed to prevent respiratory distress and illness of my family and me.

~ Mrs. Petretic

We have HEPA Filter from Thermonic Energy installed at our home. Few months after its installation, I noticed that the air seems much cleaner and my nose seems to run less. Overall, it does very well for my peace of mind. It is doing its job as effectively as claimed.

~ Mrs. Chen

My son suffers from allergic rhinitis and thus we decided to use Hepa Filtration system at our home. I browsed through internet and got to know about Thermonic Energy. I called them up and soon the professionals reached our home to install it. I must say that it is a pretty great product. It came along with its operation manual that was too easy to understand. Now, the room smells fresher and it has helped a lot with my son’s allergies. It seems to have prevented that from happening so far.

~ Mr. Armande

Installation of ventilation system and dehumidifier from Thermonic Energy has made an enormous difference in our house. It has proved miraculous in eliminating our top priority issues of a persistent morning condensation in winter mornings and frequent mold formation on window jambs.

~ Mr. Rutherford

We decided to call up professionals at Thermonic Energy to install Ventilation System at our home. I got quite impressed with the professional approach of these experts. The best part is that since the day we got this system installed, my husband has stopped coughing and his breathing problem has reduced significantly.

~ Mrs. Renoir

We were facing the problem of mold and dampness all over the home, specially the curtains, as they were quite damp over the winter months. After installing Thermonic Energy’s Ventilation System and dehumidifier, there is no dampness at all and the home looks much nice and warm when we get home.

~ Mr. Inglis

We have a ventilation system from Thermonic Energy installed in our basement for about 2 years and it has worked wonders for us. Prior to it, the situation was completely different. Our trapped humidity caused a built up of mold overtime. Now, we need not to worry about the mold. Definitely, a best product for damp basements.

~ Mrs. Hobbs

Our basement had become humid and smelled moldy because the people who sold us the house a few years ago never resolved their mold issue. One of my friends recommended me to buy a ventilation system from Thermonic Energy as our basement was now in desperate need of a mechanical assistance to stop the damage and protect the indoor air quality. This ventilation system solved our problem. This system worked really well for us.

~ Mrs. Larcombe

In the winter we always had water condensation on our windows inside our home. This was damaging our jamb extension. Thermonic Energy sold us a few products to manage this issue. A whole home dehumidifier and a mechanical ventilator.

~ Robin

They didn’t know how bad having trap moisture was in their house. They thought managing the humidity level was good enough. Thermonic Energy came and educated them on the issue. Now they have been enjoying a mechanical ventilator ever Since.

~ Grazia