Commercial Services

Thermonic Energy’s passion is to help organizations make real and lasting energy conservation improvements that can help optimize the usage and reduce the power consumption. We provide several solutions that can rectify all the problems and help to achieve the core business objectives without worrying for power-related obstacles. From energy efficient lighting, building automation to energy-saving solutions, we provide all this and more to help businesses lower energy usage, utility expenses and carbon footprint.

Discover how electricity monitoring can help your business manage costs, uncover waste and improve productivity. Measure and analyze your electricity usage, store the cost information, and present the electricity data in ways that are engaging, informative and easy to understand. With Thermonic Energy, you gain access to real-time electricity usage that helps you in solving the biggest operational cost obstacle.

Thermonic Energy offers several power management equipments that are highly scalable and can save up to 40% on electricity cost. These equipments will optimize, correct and condition your electricity in real-time. We can help you recognize the right Energy Management Solution as per your business needs. Thermonic Energy also takes pride in educating and assisting decision makers in their efforts to implement proven energy-saving strategies in their facilities and operations.

At Thermonic Energy, we recognize that lighting can be a high energy cost and even one of your greatopportunity for savings. Dropping down the heat output from your lighting can also help you reduce your air conditioning costs. Without proper lighting, everything from productivity, safety, security to overall aesthetics suffers. Install good lighting design to contribute in your employees’ comfort and health, which in turn can result in greater productivity.

Thermonic Energy offers building automation systems for all building types and sizes. We can help you achieve maximum comfort and perfect functionality at minimum cost. Install intelligent building automation systems and reduce energy consumption without sacrificing comfort. Building Automation will help you integrate a wide choice of different building control disciplines like heating, ventilation, air conditioning applications, lights and blinds, safety features, and equipment.

Residential Services

We offer several solutions for your heating and cooling to maintain a comfortable home environment. From immediate repairs to replacement services. We offer advance air filtration and ventilation systems to help manage the quality of your living. We also cary several water treatment solutions to complete and enhance your home comfort. We introduced a multi product offering within your home to maintain a high level of quality living. This includes the highest efficiency heating and cooling products to the very best air and water quality control systems. All this to ensure the longterm comfortable stay of your family, as well as the longevity of your equipment.

Poor air quality means that indoor air pollutants just keep on accumulating, causing buildup of mold and mildew in your home. This leads you to breathe in the same stale air repeatedly. Modern day airtight homes need mechanical assistance to stop moisture damage and protect indoor air quality. With Thermonic Energy, you get an efficient home ventilation system that removes potentially toxic air and replenishes with clean and healthy air. It is time that your home – and your health – need a mechanical ventilation and a Hepa filtration system.

Offers greater reliability and longer-lasting performance than competing products

Cool solutions for House & Office

If you are looking for heating, cooling, ventilation, air and water filtration systems for a residential or want to save on electricity cost for your commercial property, you are at the right place. Our years of experience and passion to develop quality solutions has enabled us to upscale our services contingent to your requirements, so that you find everything under the same roof. Tell us about your needs, and we'll recommend the right system for you.





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